Monday , September 25 2023

‘Expats manipulate fodder market’

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KUWAIT CITY, March 19: The livestock breeders called for the state to pay attention to them, and to issue decisions that contribute to the development of the livestock sector, which would enhance food security in the country, the most important of which is the support of fodder, by increasing the quantity and raising the support allocated to it, to meet the growing demand for it, in light of the abundance of cattle and lack of grazing grounds, reports Al-Rai daily.

The head of the Feed Union, Saad bin Dablan, told the daily, during a gathering of camel breeders in Rahiya, that there is a shortage of feed and a rise in their prices, indicating that “there are several solutions to avoid the crisis, including opening the door to land imports through the Abdali port from Iraq, and from Turkey, Azerbaijan and the Caucasus, due to abundance production in these countries and low prices. This is in addition to the establishment of sites for the sale of fodder and a public auction, to break the monopoly exercised by expatriates on the market, who more often than not sell adulterated fodder.