Expatriate Deceives Taxi Driver With Fake 20 Dinars

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KUWAIT CITY, Dec 8: The Criminal Investigation Department of Farwaniya Governorate has initiated an investigation into an expatriate accused of circulating counterfeit currency to a taxi driver in the Khaitan area. The victim has identified the location where the alleged offender was staying. According to a security source, the incident unfolded when an expatriate working as a taxi driver reported an encounter with another expatriate in Khaitan. The latter requested a ride to a different location within the same area.

After reaching the destination, the suspect handed the driver 20 dinars, and in return, he handed over 19 dinars. However later at home, upon closer inspection, the driver discovered that the 20 dinars paid by the expatriate were counterfeit. A photograph of the fake currency has been included in the case file.

The security source underscored that the texture and feel of counterfeit currency often make it easily recognizable. Individuals can typically ascertain the authenticity of currency notes by examining watermarks and security features, some of which become visible under light. Notably, differences in color and print quality are common indicators; many counterfeit prints exhibit a faded and blurry appearance, lacking the fine detailing found in genuine currency. Additionally, authentic currency incorporates microprinting with tiny text and patterns.

This news has been read 3827 times!

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