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Thursday , February 9 2023

‘Expat workers must have previous experience’ – Contracting companies responsible

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KUWAIT CITY, Dec 4: The Director General of the Municipality, Eng. Ahmad Al-Manfouhi said workers registered with the building contracting companies must have previous experience in the construction and contracting work, indicating that the Municipality is not specialized in evaluating these workers, as the RG list is issued by Public Authority for Manpower, reports Al-Qabas daily.

Director-General of the Kuwait Municipality, Eng Ahmad Al-Manfouhi talking to the press during his tour of the basement storehouses.

Al-Manfouhi was responding to a query from member Abdullatif Al- Daei’s regarding the classification of contracting companies at the Municipality that there is a mechanism for classifying and licensing contractors by the Contractors Section in the Engineering Systems Department, by presenting companies and institutions wishing to be classified or registered through the program for contractors on the municipality’s website, payment of fees through it, and its value may vary according to the request submitted by the contractor, and the required documents are uploaded and then audited by the administration, in order to verify that the conditions stipulated in the contractors’ regulations are met, and the financial affairs are reviewed to attach the bank guarantee specified for the category, so that the contractor obtains the license through the website.

Al-Manfouhi added that companies and institutions are classified according to their technical and material capabilities into “A, B, C and D”, and each category has its own conditions. He indicated that the municipality, through the concerned departments and branches in the governorates, monitors the work of building contractors in accordance with the terms of reference assigned to them by following up the implementation of the provisions of safety regulations, protection of public facilities and property and national wealth resources, and monitoring the work of companies and contractors implementing public projects, constructions, road works and services, as well as the work of building contractors.

This is in addition to restoration, demolition and excavation work, ensuring that they obtain the necessary licenses to practice work and permits to set up offices and temporary facilities and follow up on their work, and ensure the removal of temporary offices and facilities for contractors, remove waste, remove rubble, level work sites and their surroundings, and ensure their cleanliness, and issue a certificate of safety and cleanliness of work sites for project contractors And constructions, residential buildings and private housing homes.

Al-Manfouhi added that violations, warnings, and technical reports for safety violations are issued and referred to the legal department to follow up on the progress of the violations, indicating that in the event of a complaint issued by the competent authority (Audit and Follow-up Department) affiliated to the municipality branch in the governorate responsible for the technical file of the property, it is directed to the Engineering Systems Department, Contractors Department, electronically.

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