European and French health authorities warn pharmacists against counterfeiting ‘Ozempik’

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KUWAIT CITY, Oct 24: European and French health authorities have issued warnings to pharmacists regarding the proliferation of counterfeit injections under the brand name “Ozempik” — a medication used to treat diabetes as well as aid in weight loss.

“As a precautionary measure, we urge all stakeholders in the supply chain to exercise vigilance,” conveyed the National Agency for the Safety of Medicines (ANSM) in a memorandum addressed to pharmacists and medical institutions, reports Al-Rai daily.

While no official reports have emerged in France, the ANSM stressed the importance of verifying the serial numbers during the distribution process, underlining its significance.

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) announced that “certain wholesalers within the European Union and the United Kingdom have identified counterfeit injections falsely labeled as Ozempic, a drug for managing type 2 diabetes.”

These counterfeit syringes, purportedly manufactured in Germany, were detected by distributors in Germany, Austria, and the United Kingdom, according to the European Medicines Agency. The agency clarified that there are noticeable disparities in the appearance of the counterfeit syringes when compared to the genuine product.

It was also noted that the fake Ozempik syringes had non-functional serial numbers when subjected to scanning.

The European Medicines Agency revealed that regulatory authorities in the European Union, along with law enforcement, have initiated an investigation into this matter.

Moreover, the agency emphasized, “There is currently no evidence to suggest that counterfeit injections have been dispensed to patients through pharmacies.”

This news has been read 292 times!

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