Europe is back to coal and nuclear

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WITH the threat of a cut off of gas supply from Russia in the coming months, Europe has to move forward and find an alternative. However, it has no available choice except for polluted energy. This will mean further delays in converting into new clean energy and not meeting the Paris deadline set for 2050. With the lack of alternatives, Europe and the rest of the world must face the reality. Europe will have to face the hard reality of complete shutdown of gas supply from Russia.

Therefore, it must devise a plan to deal with the situation. Due to the lack of an alternative, there will be delays in moving towards cleaner air, less pollution and less harm to the environment. Even though speeding up the process will represent a new source of cleaner energy, the immediate threat is the cut off of Russian gas supply.

Kamel Al-Harami

Gas price is going beyond any reach and is getting higher by the week. Going back to coal and nuclear is the only available choice in order to avoid harm to the global economy, shortage of supply, and suffering of the population of Europe. Meanwhile, consumers must focus on reducing consumption by taking small measures to manage the temperatures especially during the summertime. This includes keeping the temperatures of the air conditioning units at 25 degrees and above.

The picture is not bright with Russia reducing gas supply by more than 60 percent to Germany. It may even cut off the supply completely like it did with Finland. Rationing supply of gas to Europe can be expected. Full cooperation is needed to keep European unity intact against the invasion of Ukraine.

Certainly, financial and physical measures are needed such as reducing tax cuts on all fuels of petrol and gas. Governments must carry on with heavy burdens for a few more years until new alternative routes for gas supply are found. Such a day will come with heavy sacrifices. In the meantime, Europe is forced to go back, and postpone its move away from coal and nuclear until such a time. The Paris agreement for clean air and zero emission by 2050 has to wait.

By Kamel Al-Harami
Independent Oil Analyst
email: [email protected]

This news has been read 8784 times!

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