Tuesday , September 26 2023

African Expat Evades Kuwait Airport and Enters Country Illegally

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KUWAIT CITY, May 31: According to security sources, an African expatriate who arrived at Kuwait Airport is currently under investigation after it was discovered that he had been banned from entering the country. The individual managed to escape from the airport hotel while awaiting his scheduled return flight.

Upon the African expatriate’s arrival in Kuwait, he proceeded to the passport counter where it was revealed through fingerprint analysis that he had previously been deported and barred from entering the country. As a result, he was handed over to the airport investigations team, who subsequently transferred him to the airport hotel in preparation for his deportation on a returning flight.

During his stay at the airport hotel, the Ethiopian eluded the security personnel, ventured into the airport yard, and managed to breach the airport perimeter fence, gaining entry into the country. This incident triggered a high-level security alert, prompting coordinated efforts among the Investigation, Public Security, and Rescue departments to locate and apprehend the fugitive, subsequently delivering him to the appropriate authorities.

In light of this incident, investigators have initiated an examination of the airport’s surveillance footage to identify any security loopholes exploited by the fleeing expatriate. This analysis aims to identify shortcomings and facilitate the implementation of necessary measures to enhance security protocols.

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