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Thursday , September 23 2021

EPA- 5,000 KD fine for hunting falcons

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 28: Majority of the world countries and aims to protect falcons and animals threatened with extinction and illegal trade. The Public Environment Agency (PEA) has reacted to article published in Al-Rai news paper of the hawk migration season, which some hunters take an opportunity to hunt some of them and make quick money in thousands of dinars reports Al Rai

Prohibition of hunting, killing, holding, collecting, harming, possessing or transporting wild or marine fungal organisms, whether living or dead, or harming their young, eggs, nests or habitats, including falcons.

The Commission stressed the need to abide by the environmental protection law which is punishable for violators up to 5,000 dinars.

The Law specified the types and numbers of organisms that are allowed to be caught in specific seasons and places, except for scientific purposes, with the approval of the competent scientific authorities, in coordination with the Authority.

Kuwait is located at the crossroads of several major routes for the migration of birds and is an important geographical location, and is one of the main crossings for migratory birds

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