Employment corruption extends to Kuwait Ports Authority

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KUWAIT CITY, Feb 20: Less than a week after the Al-Qabas daily reported on the exploitation of employment in a number of state agencies for political interests and benefits in the interest of some deputies and influential people to achieve narrow interests at the expense of the public interest, informed sources revealed that the corruption of appointments extended to the Kuwait Ports Authority, which recently witnessed the transfer of many employees to the KPA after the intervention of wasta, as well as the employment of others.

The sources told the daily that the “KPA” have been witnessing, for a while, the phenomenon of some employees moving from ministries and other destinations, in order to take advantage of the financial benefits granted to their workers, including the big salary, and some allowances for the nature of work that amount to 750 dinars, in addition to a reward equivalent to two months annually, in addition to comprehensive health insurance for the family and children and other benefits.

The sources stated that recruitment and transportation in the KPA have become a gateway to nepotism and benefit, noting that corruption in appointments sounds an alarm due to the injection of numbers of incompetent employees into one of the most important vital state facilities, despite the regulations and procedures of the Civil Service Commission. The sources emphasized that, in contrast to the recruitment mechanism, the transferred employees are not subject to written tests and personal interviews, which is unfair to national competencies, and a violation of the principle of justice and equality between citizens.

The sources pointed out that some deputies and infl uential people contributed to the migration of many employees to the ports, and they moved from government service departments without legal justification. The sources described what is happening as “stealing jobs from those who deserve them,” and intervention must be made to stop the exploitation and corruption of appointment. The sources indicated that some employees were transferred to the ports despite the government’s resignation.

This news has been read 10176 times!

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