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Employer is supposed to pay for health insurance of staff

First of all, I would like to thank you for helping us through your Legal Clinic. I have a query about the school where I am working at. We are paying for our health insurance every residency renewal and the management says that we cannot do anything about it as it was on the contract that we signed. Is the school right about this? I am worried that if we complain, they might terminate us and also, the school owner is one of the most influential families in Kuwait.

Name withheld

Answer: The employer is supposed to pay for all these charges that are related to acquisition and renewal of residence permits unfortunately however, most employers shift their burden to the employees, who also fear losing their jobs are forced to keep quiet and pay up in your case. You claim that management says you are responsible for paying these charges as spelt out in the contract you signed. If this claim is correct, then you have no case as the power of the thumb must always be respected or be left to the courts to pronounce on its legality or otherwise.

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