Emirati Camels Wins Golden Sword In Kuwait

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KUWAIT CITY, Feb 8: Al-Dhaloul – Al-Wariyah emerged victorious in the 22nd Annual Kuwait International Camel Racing Championship’s pinnacle event, securing the coveted Golden Sword. This triumph marked the culmination of the tournament’s most significant races, which spanned the final day and featured three out of a total of 82 main rounds. Minister Dawoud Marafi, representing the state’s various affairs, presented the prestigious award to the winner, symbolizing the pinnacle of achievement in camel racing.

Expressing his gratitude and pride, Minister Marafi commended the tournament’s high sponsorship and emphasized the leadership’s dedication to supporting traditional sports. The Kuwaiti Camel Racing Club’s longstanding commitment to organizing the championship underscores Kuwait’s leadership in this revered sport. The distinguished participation of Gulf Cooperation Council and Arab countries further highlights the event’s significance in preserving cultural heritage.

The championship showcased remarkable competition, with notable victories in various rounds. Al-Dhaloul (Najah) clinched first place in the third round, earning the silver sword, while other rounds saw victories from Al-Shahaniyah camels and Emirati-owned entries. The tournament’s success, fueled by the strong participation of Kuwaiti, Gulf, and Arab owners, promises further achievements in future tournaments. Sultan Al-Wahaibi, the recipient of the Golden Sword, expressed profound joy in the triumph, underscoring the camaraderie and shared passion for this authentic sport among Gulf enthusiasts.

This news has been read 919 times!

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