‘Emergency plan updated to deal with natural or man-made crisis’

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Bid to reduce effects of disaster: MoH

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 2: Ministry of Health has updated its precautionary plan to deal with crises and disasters that are either natural or man-made and result in imbalances between the existing requirements and supplies, reports Al-Anba daily.

Ministry of Health’s emergency plan aims at providing health potentials in the ministry to control and reduce the effects of disasters if they occur, organize the way to treat the resulting injuries quickly and efficiently by developing a detailed plan for rapid response that is appropriate to the size of the disaster, and determine the responsibility of both hospitals and individuals. The plan includes three levels of emergency which must be worked out depending on the type of accidents.

They are:-

1. First level of 3 to 10 injured – It is dealt with like daily emergencies. It does not require the mobilization of health services or the need to inform the Central Emergency Committee unless the incident concerns people of high importance.

2. Second level from 11 to 50 injured – Limited to the capacity of the nearest hospital (concerned hospital) or the next hospital (supporting hospital) without the need to call additional medical teams, taking into account the process of screening the injured to prioritize, the treatment and transportation of injured to the hospital. Based on this information, emergency medical operations inform the hospital’s casualty officer about the accident information as well as provide the hospital with the requirements for receiving the injured. Once the injured have arrived at the hospital, a team ensures the health condition of the injured has not deteriorated.

3. Third level more than 50 injured ‘disaster’ – This means above the capacity of the nearest hospital (concerned hospital). It may necessitate allocation of the next hospital (supporting hospital).

The situation may need more than one supporting hospital depending on the type, number and extent of injuries.

It might be necessary to request support from other departments of Ministry of Health, such as blood bank, medical warehouses, etc. It might also be necessary to call the field medical team or a hospital decontamination team.

This news has been read 6048 times!

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