Emergency exit slide falls off Delta flight mid-air

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Delta flight’s emergency landing after slide separation.

NEW YORK, April 27: In a startling incident, an emergency exit slide “separated” from a Delta Airlines flight, prompting the aircraft’s emergency return to New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport on Friday morning.

The flight, identified as Delta Flight 520 bound for Los Angeles, departed from JFK earlier in the morning but swiftly turned back, landing safely around 8:35 a.m. after the flight crew reported a concerning vibration, as confirmed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Delta Airlines stated that the crew noticed an indicator light related to the right-wing emergency exit and heard unusual sounds emanating from the vicinity of the right wing. Reacting promptly, they declared an emergency and commenced their return to JFK, where they landed without incident.

Recordings captured by LiveATC.net captured the interaction between the pilot and air traffic control during the incident. “Delta 520, are you requiring assistance?” queried an air traffic controller. “Delta 520, negative. Thanks for the assistance in bringing us back in,” responded the pilot, showcasing a calm demeanor amidst the emergency.

Delta Airlines emphasized their commitment to safety, commending their flight crews for executing their training and protocols diligently. They expressed gratitude for their passengers’ patience and assured cooperation with investigations into the incident.

Following the safe landing, it was discovered that the emergency slide had detached from the aircraft. Delta is actively supporting efforts to retrieve the slide and pledged full cooperation with investigative authorities.

The Boeing 767 aircraft involved in the incident has been taken out of service for evaluation. Fortunately, all 176 passengers and seven crew members aboard the flight were unharmed and were able to continue their journey on an alternative aircraft.

This incident adds to a recent string of concerning aviation events, including a January incident where a Boeing jet experienced a midair door plug detachment, prompting investigations. Earlier this month, an engine covering fell off a plane during takeoff in Denver, and a near miss at John F. Kennedy International Airport narrowly avoided a collision involving multiple aircraft.

This news has been read 1256 times!

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