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Electricity of 45 expat bachelor houses disconnected in Sabah Al Ahmad area

KUWAIT, June 23: Kuwait Municipality announced that they cut off the electricity to 45 properties in the Sabah Al-Ahmad marine area in violation of the ministerial decision to house bachelors living in private and family residential housing areas.

The deputy director general of the municipality for the affairs of Farwaniya and Mubarak Al-Kabeer governorates sector, Ammar Al-Amar, said in a statement that the supervisory teams from Ahmadi branch conducted an extensive field tour in the Sabah Al-Ahmad marine area that lasted for about 8 hours, which included 47 violating properties, where the property was evacuated and cut the electricity to 45 properties to which deadline of 48 hours to vacate property was given.

Al-Ammar stated that the field tours to monitor all real estate in violation will continue and will take legal measures and cutting the electrical current in cooperation with the concerned authorities based on the instructions of the municipal administration which closely follows all the legal measures taken by the supervisory teams.

He called on everyone to cooperate with the municipal inspection teams during their field trips in order to avoid legal issue (KUNA)

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