Electricity debt climbs to 130 million dinars in private housing

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KUWAIT CITY, May 19: Falah Al-Mutairi, Acting Undersecretary of the Customer Service Sector at the Ministry of Electricity, Water, and Renewable Energy, shed light on the dynamic nature of debts owed by citizens in private housing, which fluctuate between 125 and 130 million dinars daily due to continuous collections.

In a recent press statement, Al-Mutairi disclosed that the ministry accrued approximately 500 million dinars in the last fiscal year, with this figure increasing annually. He emphasized the ministry’s ongoing efforts to collect debts through various means and channels, providing facilities to citizens to expedite debt repayment and discourage delay.

Among these facilities are installment payment options for citizens with large debts, where an initial payment is made, followed by equal installments over a specified period, formalized through a debt acknowledgment agreement. Al-Mutairi reassured citizens of the availability of online services, accessible at a rate of 95%, reducing the necessity for physical visits to service offices.

Moreover, Al-Mutairi urged citizens to rationalize electricity and water consumption, particularly during summer peak loads, highlighting the benefits for both consumers and the state. He detailed the ministry’s incentive program for consumption rationalization, wherein customers receive rewards based on their energy and water savings. For electricity, customers saving less than 20% receive double the value of their savings, while those saving 20% or more receive 40%. Similarly, for water, customers saving less than 25% receive double, while those saving 25% or more receive 50%.

Al-Mutairi encouraged citizens in private housing to actively participate in the program, emphasizing the financial benefits for individuals and the state, with saved balances credited to their ministry accounts at the beginning of each year.

This news has been read 1291 times!

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