Electric cars gain popularity in Kuwait despite challenges

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KUWAIT CITY, May 4: In recent years, electric cars have experienced significant advancements and a surge in global popularity due to their modern technology, numerous advantages, and eco-friendliness, reports Al-Qabas daily. However, in Kuwait, efforts to promote electric vehicles face challenges, primarily the low cost of traditional fuel. Despite this, there has been a notable increase in the importation of electric cars into Kuwait over the past five years. According to statistics compiled by Al-Qabas, based on data from the General Administration of Customs, Kuwait imported a total of 832 electric cars over the past five years, valued at 9.7 million dinars.

The number of electric cars imported saw a significant increase of 174.3% in 2023, reaching 417 cars valued at 6.9 million dinars, compared to 152 cars in 2022 worth 1.5 million dinars. Experts attribute the global growth in electric vehicle adoption to various factors, including heightened awareness of sustainability and environmental conservation. They suggest that Kuwait should align with the global trend of combating climate change and reducing carbon emissions, encouraging the adoption of electric cars as part of this effort. Improvements in charging infrastructure in Kuwait, with expanded public and private charging points in commercial centers, hotels, and residential areas, have contributed to increasing the comfort and acceptance of electric cars among owners.

Despite the increasing demand, challenges remain, including cultural preferences for traditional cars and concerns about charging infrastructure. However, advancements in battery technology have extended the range of electric cars, with some models capable of traveling 300-400 kilometers on a single charge. To further promote the adoption of electric vehicles, experts recommend that the government establish import laws and expand charging infrastructure nationwide.

Additionally, incentives such as tax exemptions and free charging could encourage consumers to switch to electric cars, similar to measures implemented in other countries. In 2022, the Minister of Electricity, Water, and Renewable Energy issued regulations governing electric car chargers, which contributed to the increased demand for electric cars in Kuwait. Continued government support and investment in electric vehicle infrastructure are crucial for furthering the adoption of electric cars and advancing sustainable transportation initiatives.

This news has been read 1097 times!

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