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Sunday , January 29 2023

Eight women among 115 poll hopefuls; Teams to fight vote-buying

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KUWAIT CITY, Aug 29: A total of 115 males and eight females filed their candidacies for the National Assembly Elections on Monday – the first day of the 10-day period allotted for this purpose.

In the First Constituency, 18 citizens filed their candidacies including one woman as follows: Osama Al-Shaheen, Hassan Jawhar, Khalid Al-Damkhi, Mubarak Al- Harees, Essa Al-Kandari, Abdullah Al- Mudaf, Muhammad Al-Hadiya, Mubarak Al-Azmi, Mekhled Rashed Al-Azmi, Hassan Kazem Muhammad, Hamad Muhammad Al-Medlej, Yousef Abdulhadi, Khalid Al-Qallaf, Dawoud Maarefi, Ali Al-Mousawi, Ali Al-Salman, Fahd Abdulrahman Al-Hassawi and the sole female candidate Ghadeer Asiri.

In the Second Constituency, there are 23 males and three females including Bader Al- Mullah, Bader Al-Humaidi, Hamad Saif Al- Harshani, Hamad Al-Matar, Muhammad Al- Abduljader, Thamer Khalid Al-Anzi, Rashed Hamdan Al-Azmi, Salem Ali Al-Sherai, Saad Faleh Al-Fajji, Shuaib Ali Qassem, Salah Muhared Al-Fadhli, Abdullah Salem Al-Mutairat, Abdullah Uqab Al-Anzi, Abdullah Meteb Al- Aradah, Abdulwahab Al-Essa, Muhammad Aqla Al-Anzi, Falah LafiAl-Mutairi, Fahd Sayyah Abu Shaibah, Mubarak Batel Al-Azmi, Ibrahim Husain Al-Kandari, Nasser Abdulrahman Al-Obaidi, Nawaf Al-Azmi, Nawaf Hamad Al-Doussari and the three females Amali Muhammad Ashkenani, Alya Faisal Al-Khalid and Wedad Abdulmajid Habib.

In the Third Constituency, 21 citizens filed their candidacies — 18 males and three females — as follows: Ahmed Al-Saadoun, Osama Al-Menawer, Saadoun Hammad Al-Otaibi, Abdulaziz Al-Saqaabi, Mehalhal Al-Mudaf, Muhannad Al-Sayer, Hesham Al-Saleh, Khalil Abul, Bashar Adel Muhammad, Hamad Al- Elyan, Sulaiman Mahmoud Kareem, Talib Ali Al-Attar, Abdullah Muhammad Al-Mefrej, Azzam Bader Al-Amim, Majid Ali Al-Shemmari, Muhammad Bader Al-Jawan, Muhammad Jassem Al-Shawaf, Nasser Jawad Shashtari and the three females — Salwa Farhan Al-Anzi, Nourah Nasser Al-Melaifiand Fajer Al-Saeed.

In the Fourth Constituency, there are 27 candidates and all of whom are men — Thamer Al- Suwait, Mubarak Al-Orf, Mubarak Al-Najadah, Moaz Mubarak Al-Duwaila, Musaed Al-Shemmari, Musaed Muhammad Al-Mutairi, Meshari Falah Al-Shemmari, Mashhour Al-Saeedi, Mefreh Nahar Al-Mutairi, Ahmed Ali Al-Lahwo, Bader Nasser Al-Mejaweb, Beraikan Al-Sulaimani, Thamer Al-Abdali, Husain Al-Saeedi, Khalid Al-Oraifan, Rasheed Al-Azmi, Salem Al-Husaini, Sultan Al-Shemmari, Talal Al-Anzi, Abdulmuhsen Al-Shemmari, Abdulaziz Al-Azmi, Amash Al-Shammari, Owaid Al-Rashedi, Eid Al-Anzi, Falah Al-Muasseb, Fahd Al-Daihani and Hamad Saad Al-Harbi.

In the Fifth Constituency, there are 23 candidates including one woman — Al-SaifiMubarak Al-Saifi, Saleh Zeib Al-Mutairi, Bader Mansour Al-Azmi, Bandar Shabab Al-Mutairi, Turki Naif Al-Azmi, Hamad Nasser Al-Failakawi, Khalid Sarei Al-Hajri, Khalid Muhammad Al-Otaibi, Soud Abdulaziz Al-Hajri, Salah Naji Al-Otaibi, Talal Fahd Al-Dabbous, Falah Abdullah Al- Subaie, Fahd Falah Al-Hajri, Fehaid Muhammad Al-Azmi, Majed Musaed Al-Mutairi, Mubarak Abdullah Al-Ajmi, Muhammad Mansour Al- Rashedi, Marzouq Faleh Al-Azmi, Naif Ali Al- Anzi, Hani Husain Shams, Wasmi Muhammad Shenaitar, Yasseen Waheed Haidar and the sole female candidate Abber Abdulrahman Al-Otaibi.

The General Department for Election Affairs will continue receiving the applications of candidates until Sept 7; while the election will be held on Sept 29. The General Department of Criminal Investigation of the Ministry of Interior has mobilized 400 security personnel — men and women — to fight the vote buying process in the five electoral districts, reports Al-Qabas daily quoting security sources.

The same sources said the security forces are divided into 10 teams comprising men and women, in addition to a squad of 40 security personnel to accompany each team. The sources revealed the security teams have strict instructions to storm suspect places, seize the violators of the law and refer them to the authorities to take legal action against them.

The sources added that the commanders of the security teams are in direct contact with senior security officials to inform them directly of any violations committed by the contestants particularly buying and selling votes. The Cabinet decided Monday to suspend work at all government bodies on Thursday, September 29, declaring it a day off. The decision, posted on the Cabinet’s Twitter account, is based on the Cabinet Decree 147 (2022), published yesterday in official gazette, to invite voters to elect new members of the National Assembly on September 29. By Saeed Mahmoud Saleh Arab Times Staff and Agencies

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