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Egyptian sentenced to death for killing Kuwaiti woman and her Saudi mom

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 27: Egypt sentences to death by hanging the Egyptian who was found guilty of murdering a Kuwaiti woman and her Saudi mother in October 2015, reports Al-Anba daily The media reports said that the accused, Abd Al-Tawab Sayed Youssef (54 years old), the prime accused in the murder has been sentenced to death by hanging.

The Egyptian court has also sentenced his two brothers-in-law to life in prison and released his wife after ruling her innocent after the main accused admitted to planning and premeditatedly murdering the victim with the help of his two brothers-in-law to rob their money.

The main accused had claimed the elder woman slipped and fell in the well while inspecting to buy it and that when the daughter learned of her mother’s death she tried to kill him with a knife, which prompted him to hit her with a spanner. However, the investigations discovered he was lying and that he deliberately killed and threw her body also in the well

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