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Egyptian to die in murder of Saudi, Kuwaiti women – ‘Mufti’ to review case

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 2: Egyptian AbdulTawab who shocked Kuwait and Egypt with the murder of the Saudi woman and her Kuwaiti daughter in Egypt two years ago has been sentenced to death by Egypt’s Criminal Court in Menia (northern Upper Egypt), reports Al-Rai daily.

Counselor Moawad Muhammad Mahmoud has said the case papers will be referred to the Mufti of Egypt for a review of the verdict although his opinion is not binding on the court ruling. The court, at the request of the defense and in accordance with the law of pleadings, has decided to reopen the proceedings to submit new evidence on behalf of the accused — Mohammad Abdul-Fattah Hashim and his two brothers Sayed and Ali.

The court has set Jan 15, to look into the case again. Earlier it was reported the Criminal Court of Menia, Egypt had sentenced AbdulTawab to death by hanging for the premeditated murder of the two women. It was also reported the court would look into the case of other alleged accomplices — the wife and brother of the accused in January 2018.

For some time the ‘murder’ of the victims remained a mystery after they went missing for more than a month until the day their bodies were fished out from a deep well from a desert in Upper Egypt.

The suspect was arrested after strenuous efforts by the Egyptian authorities. The suspect owns a farm in a village in Menia and he allegedly killed the two women, dumped them in an abandoned well and escaped from the scene. The Saudi mother was 55-year-old and her Kuwaiti daughter 27.

The 49-year-old alleged killer is from Al-Qusiya center in the Assiut governorate. According to investigations, when the victims arrived at the Cairo International Airport, they were received by the suspect’s brother- in- law. He took their baggage to the house of the suspect, AbdulTawab who allegedly drove them to his farm where they were killed.

At the time of the arrest of Abdul- Tawab, his 32-year-old wife Hana’a Abdul-Fattah Hashim and her three brothers — Sayed 47, Ali 31 and Mohammad 30 were taken into custody and charged with complicity in the murder.

According to judicial sources AbdulTawab and his wife Hana’a during investigations had admitted to committing the crime. They confessed that they knew the Saudi victim when AbdulTawab was working in Saudi Arabia under her sponsorship of the former. AbdulTawab said he convinced the Saudi woman to visit Cairo to purchase a piece of land and a house in Cairo after he saw a lot of money with the two women. He reportedly hosted the two women in his home and received about 200,000 Egyptian pounds to buy a house for them and instead bought six acres of farm from his brothersin- law in the mountainous region of Al-Khareejin village No. 4 in the Samalot Center.

The suspect said he killed the two victims with the help of his wife and after dumping their corpses in the 20-meter-deep well, he filled the well with sand to hide his crime. He also said he bought the land where the well is situated to prevent anyone from entering his private property.

The murder was discovered when the brothers were involved in a fight with their sister (the suspect’s wife) to know how her husband had become rich overnight. It is then she told her brothers the truth and that the women lay buried under the sand in the well. According to investigations, the wife of the suspect re-enacted the crime and guided police to where the 400,000 Egyptian pounds were hidden. She also said she helped her husband commit the crime.

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