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Egyptian citizen, KNG officer arrested for trafficking in ‘poison of rape’ drug

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 27: Personnel from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) have arrested an unidentified Egyptian man and an officer working for the National Guard for trafficking in ‘gamma’ – the drug that is also known as the ‘poison of rape’, reports Al- Rai daily. The daily added, this drug is considered as one of the most dangerous types of drugs and a shortcut to death.

Those who consume this drug do not remember anything when they take it and this is one of the reasons it is given to the victims of rape and since 1991 its use has been banned by the United States of America just like many other countries of the world. According to a security source, the suspects were arrested after the Mubarak Al-Kabeer Governorate CID men received a tip-off that the Egyptian was trafficking and consuming drugs.

The CID men put the suspect under surveillance and monitored his activities and following his arrest seized a small quantity of the suspicious material and a transparent liquid substance. During interrogation he revealed all details, and informed the security officers the secret of this narcotic substance. He said he was buying this substance from a First Lieutenant working for the National Guard.

Following the confession of the Egyptian, CID men put the officer under surveillance for several days and took him into custody. Following his arrest the security authorities seized from the man three liters of the narcotic liquid from outside the country under the guise of glass cleaner. He also admitted that he sold one milliliter for a dinar, which means one liter fetched 1,000 dinars. He also told the CID men the Egyptian helped him promote the drug. Both men with the contraband have been referred to the Personnel from the General Department for Drugs Control (GDDC).

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