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Egypt reaffirms Kuwait issued 8,000 work permits each month in 2018

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 21: The Egyptian Central Department for Mobilization and Statistics is sticking to its claim that 230,803 work permits were issued by the Kuwait’s Ministry of Social Affairs for Egyptians in 2018 although the Kuwaiti State Minister for Economic Affairs Mariam Al-Aqeel claims the figure is inaccurate, reports Al-Rai daily.

The daily quoting the Egyptian authority affirmed the credibility of its report saying there is a documentary proof to support its claim. The department said the numbers include visas which were issued for the first time and renewal of visas of people who were already working in Kuwait.

The report said the number of work permits issued for the first time is 98,794, while the number of renewals is 132,009, which means 8,000 Egyptians entered Kuwait each month during 2018.

The Central Statistics Bureau of Kuwait in its statement had earlier said 62,191 work permits were issued for Egyptians in 2018, and that 23,883 permits were cancelled. It also said 38,308 work permits were issued for the private sector. It added the total number of Egyptians working in the government sector last year was 577, most of them in the medical, education and legal fields.

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