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Tuesday , February 18 2020

Egypt cancels accreditation requirement

KUWAIT CITY, March 4: In a move that may confuse the Ministry of Higher Education’s plans to eliminate fake and counterfeit certificates, the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education canceled the requirement of obtaining accreditation from the cultural offices of foreign students studying at their own expense in Egypt, reports Al- Qabas daily.

However, sources familiar with the Kuwaiti students stressed the need to obtain accreditation from the Cultural Bureau of their embassies overseas prior to the registration, as a mandatory condition for the equivalence of the certificate after graduation, even if the Egyptian universities canceled this requirement.

A letter from the head of the Central Administration of Foreign Student Affairs in Egypt revealed that the Egyptian Minister of Higher Education has agreed to cancel the requirement of obtaining a letter from the embassies of students studying at their own expense. The sources said that the step came after the decision of the Kuwait’s Ministry of Higher Education to adopt a new list of Egyptian universities, consisting of only 7 universities, and required Kuwaiti students to register in universities included in the list only.

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