Eggs aplenty, why hike in prices?

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Rise in poultry tied to cost of animal feed

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 22: The rise in food prices around the world caused by the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian war, especially the chicken prices which are evident in Kuwait can be understood, but what is unacceptable is the rise in egg prices which has taken everyone by surprise since eggs are available in plenty in the local market, which raises many questions about the reasons for this rise, reports Al-Rai daily. Fingers are pointed at the feed, whose prices have witnessed big jumps during the last few years. The daily confirmed that the high cost of fodder greatly affects the rise in the prices of products, including eggs, stressing that the price of corn jumped 4 times in seven years from 72 dinars to 123.

Sources say there is great need for state support for fodder, and to raise the percentage of support for producing companies, so that the prices stabilize, in addition to preventing exports and the Ministry of Commerce performing its supervisory role to obligate companies to adhere to pricing.

The former head of the Union of Cooperative Societies, Dr. Saad Al-Shabbo, confirmed that “the signs of a rise in egg prices were noticeable nearly a year ago, when the owners of poultry and egg production companies complained about the high prices of feed globally, and the state was prevented from exporting surplus eggs, as they claimed,” referring to “after the crisis of the Corona pandemic and the global rises at all levels, there is an impact on poultry and egg products, as is the case with other food and consumer products that have been affected as a result of global price hikes.”

Al-Shabbo explained “there are many solutions according to our experience of many crises previously, including the need for the state to support feed so that there is stability in prices, and to allow companies to export surplus production, provided that the market is not affected in terms of the availability of eggs in addition to the stability of prices, in addition to the need to activate the role of the Committee for Import and Collective Purchase in the Federation of Societies, and the combined efforts of the societies with the financial support of the Federation, to import eggs and sell them without a profit margin, so that their price is within the reach of the consumer.”

This news has been read 12751 times!

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