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Education undersecretary, officials discuss matrix of science curricula

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KUWAIT CITY, July 14: The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education, Dr. Ali Al- Yaqoub, discussed with the Assistant Undersecretary for General Education Osama Al-Sultan, the Assistant Undersecretary for Educational Research and Curricula Salah Dabsha, and Director of the Curriculum Development Department Anwar Al-Hamdan, the director general of science subjects, Mona Al-Ansari, the supervisor of the curriculum, Tahani Al-Mutairi, and a number of technical mentors for science subjects, at the Ministry’s general office, the matrix of range and sequence for all science curricula from the Grade 1 to Grade 12 for all its specialties. The meeting considered opinions and studied scientific concepts of learners and laying the foundations for the future outlook of the students in the science curricula.

It also focused on the scientific concepts received by students in science streams in order to adapt to return to schools during the next academic year, whether a complete return to school life in schools or combined, and trying to keep abreast of those concepts with the developments and skills of the twenty-first century, in addition to raising the higher levels of thinking of learners through the application of these concepts. During the meeting, the scientific concepts of the Grades 6 to 9 were reviewed as a model, the extent and sequence of the science curriculum, in addition to the priorities of the scientific subjects, according to the national curriculum and the division of education units. The director-general of science subjects, Mona Al-Ansari, shed light on the role of the technical committees, the technical directives provided, the distribution of the curriculum, the development of examination frameworks, questions that depend on the curriculum, the scientific competition and support for community partnerships, as well as the development of scientific technology and the supervisory functions in the best interest of the learners. By Abdul Rahman Al-Shimmari Al-Seyassah Staff

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