Education Ministry recovers 2 million dinars from unlawful spending

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Financial integrity upheld: Education Ministry recovers 2,086,426 dinars in financial dues from former and current employees.

KUWAIT CITY, June 22: Minister of Education and Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Adel Al-Adwani, has revealed that the Ministry of Education has successfully retrieved approximately 2,086,426 dinars in financial dues from former and current employees. These funds, which were unlawfully spent in previous years, were recovered following the implementation of the fingerprint system.

In a press statement, Minister Al-Adwani emphasized the importance of safeguarding public funds and recovering financial dues owed to the state. He highlighted that this endeavor ranks high among the ministry’s priorities, underscoring the stringent financial controls implemented across all transactions. The commitment to applying financial systems and regulations uniformly aims to protect and optimize the nation’s resources, ultimately serving sustainable development goals.

Minister Al-Adwani noted that the majority of refunds were secured during the last quarter of the fiscal year 2023-2024, following the enforcement of circulars issued by the Ministry of Finance, the Civil Service Commission, and other regulatory bodies. Protecting public funds, he stressed, is a sacred responsibility entrusted to them, requiring strengthened oversight and accounting mechanisms within the ministry.

Praising the efforts of financial sector employees, Minister Al-Adwani acknowledged their role in reducing financial spending, streamlining work processes, and expediting completion cycles. Measures taken to recover the ministry’s financial dues included withholding salary payments in cases of work interruption or service termination, as well as reviewing allowances disbursed to employees to ensure compliance with eligibility criteria.

Minister Al-Adwani urged all relevant departments within the ministry to remain vigilant, implement laws rigorously, and hold violators accountable to preserve state savings. Emphasizing the ministry’s commitment to transparency and accountability, he underscored the importance of building citizens’ trust through responsible financial management.

In conclusion, Minister Al-Adwani reiterated the ministry’s unwavering dedication to protecting public funds, viewing it not only as a legal obligation but also as a religious, moral, social, and national duty.

This news has been read 1081 times!

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