Education Ministry faces new exam leak crisis amid tightened security

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A file photo capturing a previous session of high school exams in Kuwait.

KUWAIT CITY, June 5: The Kuwaiti Ministry of Education is under intense scrutiny today as it strives to ensure the integrity of the twelfth-grade exams. This follows the recent leak of the Islamic education test, which triggered a flurry of oversight and corrective actions. Despite these measures, new leaks have emerged, with social media accounts brazenly announcing the availability of test questions, challenging the Ministry’s authority by setting the publication time at 2:30 a.m. and inviting payments through private channels.

Senior educational sources revealed to Al-Jarida that the Minister of Education and Higher Education, Dr. Adel Al-Adwani, has mandated the presence of educational district directors during the receipt and delivery of test boxes. This directive places the responsibility for oversight directly on these directors, with accountability measures in place should they delegate this duty.

As educational circles anxiously await the measures to secure examination committees for twelfth-grade students, the Ministry faces a crucial test today. The recent Islamic education test leak led to the postponement of the exam to next Monday and resulted in the dismissal of the entire secret printing press staff. Both the Ministry and the students are now poised to see if the new measures can effectively prevent cheating and further leaks.

In response, the Ministry has developed new question models for the exams, prepared by instructors working through the night. Minister Al-Adwani directed the creation of entirely new test copies and the cancellation of previously prepared forms. Educational sources confirmed that the Minister is personally overseeing the entire process of question setting, printing, and distribution. The new forms have been approved and will be printed immediately by a completely new team in the secret printing press.

To prevent future leaks, Minister Al-Adwani plans to implement several new measures and has requested the Ministry of Interior’s assistance in monitoring accounts and websites promoting leaked test questions. The aim is to identify and apprehend those responsible as quickly as possible to protect the integrity of the educational process.

Despite these efforts, certain social media accounts continue to advertise leaked test questions, setting specific publication times and inviting payments through private methods. Sources suggest these accounts may either be bluffing or genuinely have access to exam materials. The true test will be in observing the accuracy of these claims during the upcoming exams.

In summary, the Ministry of Education is engaged in a high-stakes effort to safeguard the examination process amidst ongoing challenges, with decisive actions expected to prevent any further compromise of the educational system.

This news has been read 603 times!

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