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Education Minister vows on punishing violators of online exams for supervisory posts

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KUWAIT CITY, April 20: In steps that constitute firmness and decisiveness, and in reaction to the article titled “Cheaters and department heads” published on April 2, the Minister of Education and Higher Education Dr. Hamad Al-Adwani has vowed to impose the maximum deterrent penalties stipulated in the civil service law and system for teachers who are proven to be involved in cheating, reports Al-Qabas daily.

Dr. Al-Adwani sent a letter to the Undersecretary of Public Education at the Ministry of Education Osama Al-Sultan, directing to refer any violation by candidates for supervisory positions during online exams to administrative investigation in the relevant educational zone. He stressed the importance of continuing to activate the procedures that guarantee the confidentiality of exams, and ensuring no irregularities occur during online exams.

According to sources, the Ministry of Education is serious about toughening the penalties for any teacher who is caught cheating during the upcoming online tests that are scheduled to start after Eid Al- Fitr holidays.

In the event that a cheating tool such as a headset or a phone or something else is caught and proven during the administrative investigation, the maximum penalty will be applied according to the regulations of the Civil Service Law, which amounts to dismissal from work. In another development, in keeping with the habit of learners before every occasion and in anticipation of the blessed Eid Al-Fitr holiday scheduled at the beginning of next week, many schools yesterday recorded high rates of absenteeism among students in various regions and educational stages.

The rates of absenteeism varied from one school to another. It reached 60 percent in a few of them, and the attendance rate reached nearly 90 percent in other schools, due to the school administrations obliging learners to attend by applying exams and assignments, the grades of which are added to the continuous assessments of the year. According to field sources, some parents, particularly mothers, conveyed via WhatsApp groups that their children would be absent from schools en masse during the next two days, as well as on Wednesday and Thursday after the Eid holidays.

They expressed their dissatisfaction with this phenomenon, as it destroys the educational behavior of the student, and affects his academic level and achievement. The sources affirmed that schools will deal with students who are absent before and after the Eid al- Fitr holidays with one rule, and will not hesitate to apply the absence list, and record “absence without excuse” for all students who are not committed to attending, especially since the phenomenon of absence on these occasions, especially during the second semester, frustrates the curriculum, and hinders the progress of the implementation of the study plan for teachers and heads of departments of academic subjects.

The sources stressed that the absence of students on such days affects their academic achievement, and grades will be deducted from any student who is absent from school hours without a medical report or an acceptable excuse. They warned that, “no lessons will be explained to any student who does not show up in school.”

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