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Education in Kuwait is in danger

KUWAIT CITY, July 14: The Education Committee of the National Assembly has sounded the alarm bell by announcing that education in Kuwait is in danger, and has expressed its dissatisfaction with the manner in which the Ministry of Education deals with the educational issue in general and ending the academic year in particular, reports Al-Seyassah daily.

The head of the committee, MP Dr Awdah Al-Ruwaiee complained of lack of clarity on the part of the Ministry of Education regarding the educational issue, stressing that dealing with it does not augur well or give comfort.

The committee’s Rapporteur Dr Khalil Abul emphasized that education is in danger and there is a contradiction in dealing with the issue, as private schools were allowed to complete the academic year without exams, while government schools have yet to reach a decision but rather has said students will have to answer exams and stressed on the need for the Prime Minister to provide full support to the efforts of Ministry of Education at the end of the school year

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