Ed Sheeran’s Afterlife Plan: The Meaning Behind His Unique Gravesite

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LOS ANGELES, Oct 5, (Agencies): Ed Sheeran is meticulously planning for his future – not in the world of the living, but in the realm beyond. The 32-year-old Grammy-winning artist recently confirmed that he has a special resting place on his property, far removed from the traditional graveyards we’re accustomed to.

This revelation might appear somber at first glance, but the “Shape of You” crooner insists it’s not a crypt, as some might have presumed. Sheeran is adamant that it’s more like a serene chapel, created with a heartfelt intention.

“It wouldn’t be accurate to call it a crypt,” Sheeran explained, eager to clarify the purpose of this unique spot. He went on to reveal that the idea stemmed from his desire to honor those close to him who have been cremated. It’s not just a place for acknowledging death, though, as some of his dear friends have even celebrated their unions in this very location.

“It’s essentially a simple excavation in the earth, adorned with a modest stone covering,” he elaborated. “This way, when my time comes and I pass away, I have a dedicated space.” He recognizes that some might find this concept strange or morbid, but Sheeran’s motivation arises from witnessing friends perish without wills, leaving their loved ones in uncertainty.

Sheeran also noted that this peaceful corner of his property would serve as a place for his and Cherry Seaborn’s two daughters to visit and remember him when that inevitable moment arrives.

While contemplating the afterlife might make some uncomfortable, Sheeran himself is no stranger to such thoughts. He recently looked back on the creation of one of his most significant hits, a song that even sent shivers down his spine.

This news has been read 749 times!

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