Ecuador’s youngest mayor found shot dead amidst state of emergency

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Brigitte Garcia

ECUADOR, March 25: In a tragic turn of events, Ecuador’s youngest mayor, Brigitte Garcia, was discovered shot to death alongside her adviser, Jairo Loor, in the coastal town of San Vicente on Sunday. The 27-year-old mayor’s untimely demise comes amidst Ecuador’s ongoing state of emergency, aimed at quelling the rampant gang violence plaguing the country.

The Ecuadoran national police revealed that both Garcia and Loor were found inside a vehicle with gunshot wounds during the early hours of the morning. Shockingly, investigations have indicated that the fatal shots were fired from within the vehicle, prompting authorities to delve into the circumstances surrounding their deaths, including analyzing the car’s route, which had been rented.

The assassination of Mayor Garcia has sent shockwaves across Ecuador, with Luisa Gonzalez, the presidential candidate of Garcia’s party, condemning the killing as a targeted assassination.

Garcia, who proudly touted herself as the nation’s youngest mayor on social media, was actively engaged in community development projects. In one of her recent posts, she highlighted a new initiative aimed at providing access to clean water for her municipality, underscoring her dedication to building a brighter future for her constituents.

Ecuador has been grappling with escalating gang violence, prompting President Daniel Noboa to declare a state of emergency and launch a comprehensive crackdown on criminal organizations. The government’s “Phoenix Plan” has seen significant military deployment, extensive operations, and numerous arrests to curb violence attributed to gangs.

Despite these measures, violent incidents continue to rock the nation, including an ambush on an army patrol and a bomb threat at a soccer championship game venue. The assassination of Mayor Garcia underscores the persistent challenges Ecuador faces in tackling organized crime and restoring peace and security across the country.

This news has been read 707 times!

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