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Ebonites thrash Al Qassem All Stars; NUSANTARA taste fi rst victory

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Detonators dump Pongky Strikers to keep top spot

Ebonites Team

KUWAIT CITY, May 26: In the seventh week elimination round of the PBAK-2018 Friendship Cup Team Tournament held at Cozmo Entertainment Khaifan Branch Bowling Center, members of the ‘super 6’ teams remain unscathed, position per se tightly gripped, ranking remain synonymous as of last Friday.

Same happened with the lower six, keeping their post, but the point difference with the elite group was highly insignificant and nearly impossible to penetrate, considering the number of remaining games. Victorious teams were Ebonites, NUSANTARA, Asian Air Safari, Haribon Slazers, Cozmo Lane Specialists and the Detonators. Both teams fielding their 3A’s Kuwaiti pin busters supported by reliable second stringers clashed in Lanes 13/14 where the mettlesome Ebonites suppressed the equally dominant All Qassem All Stars 2,960-2,886.

The indomitable Ebonites thrashed the Al Qassem guys in first two games 962-930, 1,028- 946 but the defiant All Stars was not an easy prey, retaliated and humbled the Ebonites 1,010-945 in the third game but the win points was awarded to the Ebony team. Ebonites’ top scorer was Ayad ‘The Teacher’ Al Amiri (582) followed by Dahri Al Amiri (561), Mohammad Karam BOWLING (542), Yakoub Al Shatti (380), Ali Jawli (339) and Ali Al Qattan (397) while All Stars top pointer was patriarch Fadel Al Qassem (559) assisted by Hassan Al Qassem (530), Naji Al Houli (514), Farid Gabriel (495) and Mousah Abdullah (493).

NUSANTARA registered its first win after six straight losses and the victim was the weakest team of the season the Angelfire 2,889-2,230. NUSANTARA’s high scorer was Salej Faraj (512) assisted by Ahmed Fahmi (401), Gantosori Tanjung (469), Naser (335), Mohammad Rahman (263) and Erlisa Gantosori (261) while tail-ender Angelfire 4-man team were Melvin (391), Jocelyn Barros (346), Fatima Jassem Mahdi (246) and Xela del Tabaque (245).

Haribon Slazers trounced Swooping Eagles 3,066-2,680 in their collision that devastated the Eagles’ struggle to join the elite group. The mystical Haribon top scorer was Moises Amahan (535) followed by Camilo Baker (534), Eddie Pena (530), Rene Marzan (346), Joel Tizon (397) and Mar Evangelista (296) while Swooping Eagles high pointer was Riz Roque (558), Jessica Balagat (452), Alonzo Bush (439), Darrell Sullivan (291), Clinton Cathers (289) and May Sullivan (291).

Asian Air Safari continued their phenomenal performance and recorded their fifth straight win against two losses and their victim was Pin Pals with 2-5 record. In the first game, both teams ended with the same score and settled with 12.5 points each.

But in the second and third games the Asian Air unleashed its devastating power 1,016-854, 941-801 with final score of 2,919.5- 2,592.5. Air Safari’s Rudy de Lima fired 545 followed by big contributors Sonia Mathews (522) and Aqeel Al Farisy (505) with Jackie Guitang (410) and Sandy Panopio (403) while Pin Pals keglers were Diego Camilo (427), Stephen Sequeira (299), John Fernandes (294), Allan Fernandes (279), Raj Reddy (242), Agnelo Fernandes (219) Neeta Fernandes (206).

The matchup between two teams both clinging in the last seat, Cozmo Lane Specialists and wait-lister “X” Strikers was worthy to watch when they see-sawed in the first and second game.

In the final game Cozmo prevailed and won the game 2,868- 2,703. Cozmo Ruben Cervantes scored flat 500 followed by Neng Cervantes (451), Lito Michael (448), Alex Cervantes (438), Bader Malalah (360) and Ely Ebrada (120) while’X’ Strikers bowlers were Rocky Castil (471), Joe Presenta (417), Benyamin Hasan (288), Cris Carungay (286), Bima Nitikusumo (284), Abel Nitikusumo (243) and Reygan Percy (133). Finally, The Detonators keeping its top position played its normal display of power and easily dumped Pongky Strikers 2,906-2,448. Stalwart Saleh Salem Khaled scored 606 supported by Sulaiman Shaeiby (584), Mohammed Salem (496) and Abdullah Dashti (466) while Pongky Strikers were Adolfo Prena (395), Cathy Fernandes (376) and Fatima Fernandes (362).

Results of the Special Features of the Tournament: For the Individual High Game: Men Class A, Asian Air Safari’s Salem Hajras (259); Men Class B — The Detonators’ Ali Ashkanani (259); Men Class C — Cozmo’s Ruben Cervantes (236) and for Ladies A — Asian Air Safari’s Sonia Mathews (215) and Ladies B — NUSANTARA’s Erlisa Gantosori (198). For Individual High Average: Men Class A, Ibrahim Al Jadi (204.7); Class MB — Ali Ashkanani (210.1); Class MC — Ruben Cervantes (163.8) and for Ladies A — Sonia Mathews (177.7) and Ladies B — Erlissa Gantosori (141.3).

By Lord Allen Ducabo Roche

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