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‘Early retirement law contentious issue between exec and legislative authorities’

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 1: The early retirement issue is still a contentious matter between the executive and legislative authorities especially after the government opposed it but with clear differences in viewpoints in terms of justification for opposing it and the manner for solving it, reports Al-Anba daily.

The parliament’s point of contention about the issue is Article 4 of the early retirement law, as it fears the government might use it oppressively against the employees in case where they show no desire to retire.

In this regard, MP Osama Al-Shaheen says the removal of article 4 requires deliberation. He stressed that the best way to deal with this law is to tackle it with great prudence in order to avoid errors.

Meanwhile, MP Ali Al-Deqbasi says the cancellation of Article 4 of the early retirement law will allow endorsement of the law, stressing that “Achieving the interest of the citizens is something we have been striving for for a long time.”

Also, MP Sa’ad Al-Khanfour affirmed his support for whatever is in favor of citizens in terms of achieving their aspirations of having a decent lifestyle. It is worth mentioning that these differences in opinion concerning this law, especially the contention over Article 4, would result in delay in its endorsement. Some sources affirmed that the government intends to either refer the law to the Constitutional Court or the legislative committee if Article 4 is not cancelled, or send it back to the concerned parliamentary committee for further deliberations, which would take long to complete. Concerning this, a parliamentary source revealed that 35 MPs will present a formal request in the first coming session to discuss the law.

He warned that the stubbornness of the legislative and executive authorities will not lead to a reasonable solution due to which a compromise on the issue is essential.

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