Early marriage cause as divorce rate spirals significantly in society

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‘Better to tie the knot at mature age of 25 years’

KUWAIT CITY, March 30: Divorce is an unfortunate phenomenon that causes the disintegration of society, family and as a result children are the ones who suffer the most because of the separation of the parents, which sometimes have ugly consequences, reports Al- Qabas daily.

The phenomenon of rapid divorce, which occurs shortly after marriage, has increased significantly in recent times, and in view of the causes of divorce in general it is clear that early marriage is the first cause of rapid separation.

The statistics reveal that most cases of divorce happen in the first four years of marriage and this is due to the marriage among young people – the immaturity of the two young partners on the one hand and the interventions of parents in the lives of their sons and daughters on the other.

Add to this the other factors such as the economy, social, cultural, etc. The Al-Qabas daily met a group of academics and specialists who say the divorce rates in Kuwait have risen dramatically recently, causing the disintegration of the family, which is the nucleus of the Kuwaiti society, along with its negative effects in children, many of whom suffer from depression and introversion.

The psychologists and sociologists feel the social media is also responsible for family instability sometimes and play the role in what they called ‘house demolitions’. The professor of sociology at the Faculty of Social Sciences Dr Khalid Al-Shalal said that divorce has many reasons, and it exists in all societies. He indicated the ease of divorce in Islamic countries has increased, while most Christian sects require several steps to complete a divorce. He added that the Kuwaiti society has several cultures that believe in the existence of multiple types of marriage, such as tourism and fun, which may contribute to the rise of divorces, pointing out that there are physical reasons for the occurrence of separation, such as differences in social and material levels between spouses. He stressed waiting for the right time to get married is better than rushing to choose a wrong life partner. He indicated that it is not in the interest of the woman because the husband may refuse divorce to avoid payment of alimony which causes the suffering of wife and children, while a man can marry another.

Al-Shalal pointed out that early marriage and a rush to tie the knot without sufficient acquaintance between the partners are the two main reasons for divorce among young people. He indicated that the appropriate age for marriage is 25 years and above, where the personality begins to form, and the individual can set his goals in life. He added that the marriage of girls at a young age makes them vulnerable to change of views and their request to divorce after a few years of marriage, which causes many consequences, especially with the presence of children.

Professor of psychology at the Faculty of Social Sciences Dr Mousa Al- Rashidi said some of the recently published courses on independence and self-realization have taken a negative turn, encouraging individuals to abandon human relations on the grounds of personal strength and need for others. Al-Rashidi added that ambition and self-reliance are important, but not at the expense of human ties, pointing out that government support for divorcees has contributed to an increase in divorce.

This news has been read 18897 times!

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