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E-cigarette, e-hookah smokers in Kuwait unaware of dangers, harm it might cause

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 27: The death of the first lung disease patient after smoking electronic cigarettes has spread rapidly on local and international news and social networking sites according to health authorities in Illinois, reports Al-Anba daily quoting Reuters Health Services.

In Kuwait, e-cigarettes and electronic hookahs are widely used by young people in various segments. The daily met with a number of electronic cigarette smokers to learn more about the reasons they have shifted over to this type of cigarettes and to know if they are aware of the seriousness and questioned the authenticity of the news, especially in the absence of evidence that the main cause of death was in electronic cigarettes.

They added that the secret to their attachment to electronic cigarettes is due to their different flavors and smell, which differ significantly from the smell of repulsive cigarettes, pointing out that the beginning of their attachment was to quit smoking which was the cause of many fatal diseases, because they believed by shifting over to e-cigarettes they could control the nicotine inside the body.

They pointed out that the smoker usually does not care about the catastrophic damage of smoking in general, and ignores the belief that he will quit smoking, pointing out to diseases due to flavors used and the quality of which varies from company to company, believing that poor quality of these flavors is the main cause of health problems that their users may suffer from.

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