E-Cigarette Batteries: A Hidden Danger on Flights

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KUWAIT CITY, May 23: About 82 million people around the world use e-cigarettes, which are taken on millions of flights; but many travelers may not be aware of the danger they pose, as well as the rules and regulations surrounding their use and transportation during flights, reports Al-Rai daily quoting Daily Mail. The British newspaper has warned against carrying electronic cigarettes when traveling by air, as this may cause a fire due to their lithium batteries.

According to Arabiya. net, the reason why lithium batteries for e-cigarettes are dangerous is that they are used to heat the coil component of the device that heats the e-liquid, as the process produces vapor that users smoke. The British Civil Aviation Authority pointed out that lithium batteries are very safe, but because of their high energy, they can catch fire or explode if they are not handled carefully or if they are misused or have a manufacturing error, It added that “e-cigarette batteries were the cause of a number of fires on aircraft and during ground handling. In 2016, a bag caught fire while being loaded on a plane, and it appeared that the cause of the fire was an electronic cigarette battery. In 2019, a passenger’s e-cigarette battery overheated and exploded, causing a fire on board an American Airlines plane.

This news has been read 657 times!

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