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Drivers visa changed to Electricial Engineer – Driving license got cancelled

I came to Kuwait in Feb 2016 on driver visa and got my driving licence in May 2016 with salary KD 450. At that time I heard that, driving licence will be cancelled if I change designation within 2 years. Even my mandoub insisted that it can be possible to renew my licence after changing designation to Engineer after 2 years and it cannot be cancelled.

So, in Feb 2018 I changed my designation to Electrical Engineer with salary KD 450. During my licence renewal, I came to know that my licence had been cancelled on the day I changed designation.

For my position in company, driving licence is mandatory. There is a possibility of losing the job, if the licence is cancelled. Kindly advise the possibility to get my driving licence new/renewed in any chance either by changing salary or designation. Awaiting your early response with a solution to get my driving licence.

Name withheld

Answer: Yes, the authorities were right in cancelling your licence because you were granted the licence on the basis of your ‘driver’ designation which is one of the designations which suffer loss of driving licence with designations change, with a monthly salary of KD 450 and if you are a university degree holder you can go ahead and reapply for a new driving licence.

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