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‘Don’t carry someone’s unknown luggage’ – ‘Declare cash on departure, arrival’

KUWAIT CITY, July 22: Directorate General of Customs announced a plan to make things easier for Pilgrims returning from Hajj through Kuwait International Airport or any of the land borders, reports Al-Seyassah daily.

In this context, Director General Jamal Al-Jalawi said the sector is keen on facilitating procedures at the airport, indicating readiness to receive pilgrims and those spending the summer vacation abroad. However, the simplified procedures will not affect security and routine checking with advanced gadgets, he said.

Al-Jalawi affirmed the sector will be holding series of meetings with the Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs shortly before the beginning of Hajj season to reach the utmost level of coordination to facilitate travel procedures while dealing with smuggling and money laundering.

He explained a passenger traveling with KD 3,000 or approximately $9,900 must obtain clearance according to relevant laws, noting Kuwait does not prohibit carrying specific sums of money while leaving or returning to Kuwait but the traveler is only requested to show relevant documents to the custom officials.

He urged passengers to be cautious if approached by strangers requesting help with their luggage without knowing the content. He explained a person caught in possession of banned substances will be charged even if the luggage belongs to another person. He recommended passengers to visit the website of customs department or its Public Relations Department to learn more about the list of banned items.


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