Donation sites infiltrated for quick money – Tragedy fails to stop hackers

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KUWAIT CITY, Feb 9: The hackers and infiltrators are at work again and this time they have targeted the ‘Fazaa al Khair’ the app where Kuwaitis donate money and urgent aid to those affected by the earthquake in Turkey and Syria, reports Al-Qabas daily. The infiltrators find this a valuable opportunity to exploit the human sense without scruples, so they created fake electronic links to donate to ensure quick financial gain at the expense of the dire humanitarian catastrophe.

These pirates took advantage of the electronic links launched by associations and charities that have licenses from the Ministry of Social Affairs, to collect donations and urgent aid for those affected by the humanitarian disaster, by creating fake links similar to them in cheap trading with the pain of the afflicted and the bereaved.

The Minister of Social Affairs, Mai Al-Baghli, stressed during her tour of social care homes yesterday, the ministry’s keenness on the necessity of collecting donations using licensed means such as Knet, online, bank deductions, electronic applications on smart phones, electronic collection devices and text messages belonging to local telecommunications companies, the total number of licenses reached 30 to donate to relief projects until yesterday, 30 licenses. An official source in the ministry called for the need for donors to verify the validity of the website and the link used to pay the financial donation in order to avoid falling into financial fraud or electronic fraud.

The source pointed out that Social Affairs Ministry monitored a violation of collecting financial donations for the Syrians affected by the earthquake, issued by a diplomatic agency that launched, through its official accounts on social media, a “humanitarian appeal” to its citizens to collect donations and show solidarity with their families and siblings to alleviate their suffering.

The source said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was informed of the detected violation in order to take the necessary legal measures, and to confirm the laws of the country regulating the fundraising process and competence in it.

In the context, a technical source pointed out the importance of the Ministry of Social Affairs is organizing the collective donation mechanism for the projects themselves, given that there are more than 25 electronic links to collect donations for the same goal. Sources told Al-Qabas, that in the past, there was an unified electronic link with a diversified source, through which he guaranteed to the associations the size of the donations received, but at the same time it was clear to the donors and stopped fraud and electronic fraud.

MP Abdul Karim Al-Kandari said on Twitter, “Everyone is anxious to provide relief to the victims of Turkey and Syria, but there are those who impersonate charity societies and put fraudulent links under them.” Al-Kandari called on the Ministry of Social Affairs to “establish links for donations on Sahel application, and charities should pay attention not to use their qualities by weak-minded people, and citizens should verify.”

This news has been read 17848 times!

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