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Domestics file transfer from MOI to Public Authority hailed

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 16: The decision of the Council of Ministers to transfer the file of domestic workers from the Ministry of Interior to the Public Authority for Manpower is a good step, which will contribute to improving the conditions of these workers, reports Al- Jarida daily quoting Ruba Jaradat the Regional Director of Arab States in the International Labor Organization.

The daily quoting Ruba noted that Kuwaiti government has asked the International Labor Organization to help improve the situation of domestic workers, “and we are ready to provide all technical support according to the requests of the state. Ruba told the daily, “one of the principles of the organization is to urge countries to put in place laws and regulations that guarantee the rights and duties of domestic workers, and not to have a situation outside the framework governing migrant labor in general.” There is an improvement in the situation of domestic workers in Kuwait.

With regard to the abolition of the sponsorship system, Ruba said “this system exists in a number of countries in the world, but there are trends which emerged recently in some Gulf countries that have shown more flexibility in dealing with migrant workers, so as to improve the conditions.”

She noted “recently there have been significant improvements in some Gulf countries in dealing with expatriate workers, especially as these countries are requesting the assistance of the ILO to achieve this.”

“The ILO office in Kuwait, along with the enhancement of technical support from the Beirut office, will work to abolish the sponsorship system in some countries, improve employment conditions in other countries and create more flexibility in the transfer of labor from employer to employer,” she said.

On the signing of the first national program of decent work in Kuwait, she stressed that “the program is a great achievement for the future of employment in Kuwait and a leap towards ensuring decent work for all women and men.”

The program is based on three priorities identified by the Kuwaiti government and representatives of workers and employers, to enhance the skills of foreign workers, improve the management of foreign labor, and promoting social dialogue and triangular cooperation. “

“Achieving these three priorities requires adherence to international labor standards, the principles of gender equality and non-discrimination, social dialogue and environmental sustainability,” she said. “The Kuwaitization of national employment in the private sector is one of the most important goals and policies of Gulf governments and “We help countries achieve their goals,” she said.

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