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Domestic workers’ share in ration cards to be canceled from January

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 28: The Ministry of Commerce and Industry announced the cancellation of shares of domestic workers that are not under the guarantee of the owner of the ration card, starting from the beginning of next January, reports Al-Rai daily.

In this regard, informed sources revealed that there are about 60,000 domestic workers who will be covered by the decision

They said, “Some of these workers left the country some time ago, without the sponsors updating their ration data, and they continued to get their usual rations without stopping.

The new decision will reduce wastage of public funds by about KD 4.5 million annually, on the basis that the cost of the rations for domestic workers to be removed from the ration card exceeds KD 360,000 dinars. This step was calculated by the new Minister Faisal Al-Medlej, taking into account that the domestic worker gets all the rations prescribed in the card just like the citizen.

Within the framework of cooperation and coordination with the Ministry of Interior and Kuwaiti Supply Company, and thanks to the automated interface among the various government agencies, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry restricted domestic workers that are not under the sponsorship of the ration card holder to automatically cancel them from the ration system.

This amendment will allow registering new eligible domestic workers, and citizens will have to register the new workers by updating the ration card data through the ministry’s electronic portal.”

Meanwhile, citizens urged the Ministry of Commerce and Industry to include the new domestic workers on their sponsorship automatically in their ration cards, as long as the automated interface allows verification of the data, in order to make it easy for the citizens.

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