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Do not hire part time workers/laborers – High risk of transmitting coronavirus

KUWAIT CITY, Mar 18: The assistant undersecretary for residency in the Ministry of Interior, Major General Talal Marafi, called on citizens and expats not to hire domestic workers who come and work on part time basis which is in violation of laws and in addition to the potential risks from the transmitting coronavirus

Marafi explained that these people who are generally uneducated mix around with others and expose them to health risk and the transmit infection of coronavirus to the families and children who hire them.

It is highly possible that these people for employment sake have mixed with people infected with the virus. Also they are violating the law of either being absent them from employers or absconders.

He stated that everyone should cooperate with the security men and abide by the laws and report this type of workers/laborers in order to preserve general interest of the country.

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