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Divorced men and women exceed 57,000 in Kuwait: statistics

Relevant bodies urged to study reason for dangerous situation

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 18: The total number of divorced men and women in Kuwait has exceeded 57,000 as per statistics issued by the Public Authority for Civil Services, reports Al-Qabas daily.

The statistics explained that the year 2017 witnessed 5,641 divorce cases with an average of 22 cases per day. This number represents a dangerous indicator that requires the relevant bodies to study the reasons behind the increase in the number of divorce cases.

According to Ministry of Justice, there are many reasons behind such higher of divorces including the desire of some men to marry again, women leaving their marital homes and moving to their parents’ homes and interference of families in the affairs of married couples.

Women often ask for divorce from their husbands due to reasons such as their husbands’ unstable personalities, lack of responsibility, stubbornness, domestic violence, lack of concern in covering the family expenses, and infidelity.

Al-Qabas daily met a number of divorced women who complained of being neglected and faced with extreme pressure in playing not only the role of a mother but that of a father as well. They insisted on being provided with housing and loans which can help them in carrying out their responsibilities.

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