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‘Distance learning will lead to eye strain in children exposed to computer screen’

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Headaches, blurred vision, dry eyes side effects: Dr Al-Dhafiri

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 23: Consultant ophthalmologist Dr Youssef Al-Dhafiri said distance learning will lead to noticeable increase in children who suffer from eye strain due to what he called long time exposure to the computer screen, reports Al-Anba daily. Dr Al-Dhafiri said in a press statement that the reason behind headaches, blurred vision and dry eyes are due to exposure to a computer screen because we do not tend to blink much while using computers and other digital devices, which makes the eyes dry and irritated.

Dr Al-Dhafiri added that when we focus on the same spot for a long time, this can temporarily blur the vision as the muscles around the eyes get exhaust, which may cause headaches. He emphasized reading, extended writing, or intense close work may also lead to the eye strain. He explained to protect the children’s eyes from stress, the computer screen must be placed at eye level, and directly in front of the body, and not use the device in bright-lit areas, as glare on the screen can cause eye fatigue.

However, Dr Al-Dhafiri said using the computer in a dark room must be avoided because when the pupil expands to accommodate the darkness, the screen brightness can exacerbate the subsequent images and cause discomfort. Dr Al-Dhafiri stressed the need for children to spend some time outdoors, pointing out that the use of computers and other close work activities may lead to the spread of myopia in children.

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