Disease Risks Lurking in Garbage Containers: What You Need to Know

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KUWAIT CITY, Sept 25: Despite the pervasive presence of cleaning companies marked by the ubiquitous yellow color on the streets, evident through cars, bulldozers, and workers’ uniforms, the reality on the ground underscores a genuine waste accumulation predicament within residential areas, reports Al-Rai daily.

Observers of street cleanliness cannot overlook the few scattered small containers, incapable of containing the daily surge of waste, resulting in spillover and presenting a looming environmental pollution hazard.

This danger arises from the squalor and contamination of these containers, exacerbated by the presence of stray cats, dogs, and mice, along with the increasing insect population — a glaring issue in most Kuwaiti areas.

Al-Rai conducted thorough tours of supposedly pristine residential areas, only to uncover severe neglect plaguing the majority of containers in all areas without exception.

In addition to this, Al-Rai initiated case investigations involving various stakeholders and concerned individuals. They affirmed that Kuwait faces a significant surge in waste volume, estimated at 6 thousand tons daily, coupled with a notable rise in the average waste generation per capita — reaching 1.5 kilograms each day.

This figure stands as one of the highest rates globally. Clearly, residential areas desperately require an increase in the number, size, and strategic placement of garbage containers to accommodate this mounting waste.

Achieving this necessitates the municipality bolstering its supervisory role over cleaning companies, holding violators accountable, and pioneering the development of novel mechanisms to curtail environmental pollution in both residential and investment zones.

“It is imperative to implement proposals of subterranean placement,” emphasized stakeholders.

This news has been read 4031 times!

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