Discovering the Quality Control Process for Gold at Kuwait’s Ministry of Commerce

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KUWAIT CITY, Nov 3: A tour of Kuwait’s Ministry of Commerce reveals the meticulous process of inspecting and hallmarking precious metals, ensuring quality and authenticity. The Ministry of Commerce and Industry is responsible for supervising and controlling the trading, manufacturing, and importation of precious metals, as well as testing, analyzing, and sealing them. The ministry also enforces the use of special sealing marks to identify the products of makers of precious metals. The stamping marks of precious metals are changed periodically to protect consumers and prevent fraud. The process of hallmarking precious metals involves analyzing and testing the metals to determine their purity and then stamping them with a mark that indicates their purity level. The standard legal degree of purity of precious metals is specified by law, and the ministry ensures that the metals meet these standards. The process of hallmarking precious metals is meticulous and trustworthy, ensuring that consumers can purchase high-quality and authentic precious metals in Kuwait

This news has been read 2352 times!

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