Digital leap: Customs launches innovative services for public convenience

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The General Administration of Customs

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 12: The Director General of the General Administration of Customs, Abdullah Al-Sharhan, announced the organization’s commitment to advancing digital transformation initiatives in alignment with the objectives set by the senior political leadership. The primary goal is to streamline and simplify the documentation process, enhancing accessibility for the public and business partners and ultimately serving the broader public interest.

In a statement released on Tuesday, Al-Sharhan highlighted the significance of re-engineering and redesigning the work mechanisms and models of the General Administration of Customs as key components of their digital transformation strategy. The focus extends to fostering electronic integration with various state sectors. As part of this initiative, the General Administration of Customs has introduced electronic services aimed at authorizing individuals through the services portal platform — specifically, the Electronic Customs system.

The newly launched services incorporate cutting-edge technologies, empowering individuals to electronically authorize designated representatives for handling customs procedures across different customs departments. This includes tasks such as managing shipment documents, handling goods, and other associated services. The system adopts an integrated operational model of authentication via the My ID application, facilitating the issuance of an electronic copy of the authorization.

Al-Sharhan emphasized that these services are integral to a broader strategy designed to elevate performance quality across all administrative facilities. The overarching objective is to establish fundamental principles and pillars for comprehensive digital transformation, ensuring that the public can seamlessly complete services with electronic efficiency, speed, flexibility, and accuracy.

This news has been read 445 times!

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