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Thursday , September 23 2021

Differences between original, fake perfumes

KUWAIT CITY, July 1: Many citizens and residents, especially women, are increasingly eager to buy perfumes during holidays and special occasions. However, some may be subjected to commercial fraud or counterfeiting.

So how can we differentiate original perfumes from fakes ones? How do we avoid commercial fraud and the purchase of counterfeit products?

Al-Anba daily interviewed an expert on safety and consumer protection Mansour Al-Nizhan about the reasons behind the spread of fake perfumes in the local markets and how to recognize them.

Al-Nizhan stressed that this is because of the high prices of original perfumes compared to the fake perfumes and the desire of some perfume sellers to make illegal profits.

He advised consumers to know how to differentiate original perfumes from fake ones by noting the following:

1. Check the spray pipe as the length is consistent with the length of the perfume bottle for original perfumes. If not, the perfume is counterfeit.

2. Original packaging ensures the packaging is done fully but that is not the case with counterfeit goods.

3. Serial numbers and other manufacturing information are coded and engraved in the original product.

4. The outer plastic case of the box is thick for original perfumes. Some companies place a red tab to facilitate the process of opening the cover

5. The print on the box as well as the degree of color and harmony are all clear. There are also no spelling errors in the writings

6. Check the bottle for traces of scratches or smudges, which are evidences that it has been used

7. Examine the thickness of the glass and the spray. Liquid should not mix with air when sprayed.

8. Note the color of the fragrance through the bottle and its purity. Ensure it is free of impurities.

9. Original perfumes are not affected by external factors and do not react with them. The odor of fake perfumes changes when it reacts with air or heat, especially in the Arab region

10. If the bottle is dark or colored and the contents cannot be viewed from the outside, spray some of the fragrance on a simple piece of white cloth and leave it for few minutes.

Examine it and if you find any traces or color, it is a fake perfume. This is because original perfumes do not leave any traces. 11. Buy perfumes from only trusted shops or agencies in order to avoid cheating.

Meanwhile, a trademark is a distinctive mark used by an individual, business organization or any other legal entity to indicate that the trademark of the products or services provided to the consumers originates from a single source.

This is aimed to ensure the products or services of one entity can be distinguished from the products and services of others.

Any person who falsifies a trademark registered in accordance with the law or imitates it in a manner that misleads the public shall be punished by imprisonment and/or fined not more than KD 600.

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