Despite increase in costs, families ‘rush’ to markets for Eid shopping

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Last 10 days of Ramadan witnessed huge congestion on roads

KUWAIT CITY, May 1: After more than two years, children and their parents were able to enter the markets and malls to buy new clothes to celebrate Eid al-Fitr, without having to deal with any restrictions, procedures and health requirements that were imposed on them during the COVID-19 pandemic, which had forced them to stay confined in their homes, and had changed the fl avor of Eid and its tastes in their imagination and feelings, reports Al-Qabas daily. After these two harsh years during which shoppers were cut off from the real world and had to resort to online shopping, shops and malls were crowded in all parts of the country. Families are prepared to receive the days of Eid by buying new clothes and shoes for adults and children.

Shoppers preparing for the Eid Al-Fitr flock to Souq Mubarakiya

The last ten days of Ramadan witnessed huge congestion on the roads surrounding the markets, as well as a noticeable security presence to regulate traffic, control security and deal with any emergency. Children participated with their families in choosing Eid clothes, starting with shoes and clothes, and even accessories, which were dominated by pictures of cartoon characters that they see on the screens of their smart devices. The competition was wide in the world of selling and sewing dishdasha fabrics for men, as well as in the search for the latest fashion for women’s clothing.

A tour by the daily of a number of commercial complexes and markets revealed a high turnout of citizens and residents to buy the necessary items to prepare for Eid. Some shops had to close their doors to prevent customers from entering in order to avoid crowding and preserve public safety and health. Shoppers told the daily that they preferred to shop online in preparation for Eid, but they usually visit the malls to buy some accessories or other items related to the Eid celebrations.

They highlighted that the prices of clothes online are the lowest compared to those offered in many shops. The shoppers explained that the experience of buying online during the past two years taught them many ways to deal with applications and times to avoid non-arrival of purchases before Eid. The offers on online platforms are often better in several aspects, most notably the quality, price, and the ability to avoid crowds. The prices of children’s clothing are the highest this season, reaching 25 percent, amid a complete absence of discount offers during Ramadan and Eid.

The products offered in the markets are diverse and there is no shortage of them, but the quality standard is the basis for selection. The sources stressed that the excuses given by stores and others about shipping and its high value must be monitored and determined, especially since it seems to be the main excuse for the current high prices. In addition, parents said the prices this season are emptying their pockets, especially since the purchase of clothes, shoes, and accessories of medium quality for one child amounts to approximately KD 50.

This amount will double if these items are bought from shops that sell international brands. In the popular markets, they range between KD 20 and KD 30. The increase in the value of Eid clothes is clear, as it ranges from KD 5 to KD 7 for the preparation of one child. This means the cost has become additional for parents. Nevertheless, it does not stop them from ensuring the happiness of their children by purchasing whatever they deem nice for their young ones. The parents revealed that the price of dishdashas increased as well, as tailors now need double what they used to get to stitch Eid dishdashas, adding that there is an estimated increase of KD 5 to KD 10 per meter for these materials.

This news has been read 19791 times!

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