Designation issue – Will i have problems for visa on arrival to GCC countries?

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I have been employed by a company as a Senior Manager. After the probation period, the company had initiated the transfer process for my residence from my previous employer.

However, the new company informed me that they will not be able to provide me a “Manager” designation in the residence and opted to provide me as an “Adviser” designation.

The reason being that, they have exhausted their quota for managers and will not able to increase the quota for the time being. My concern is about the new designation in my residence, does this adviser position have the similar privileges as a Manager?

Furthermore, will I be able to get the visa on arrival with the adviser designation, for GCC countries (such as UAE etc).

Kindly advise me if there are any other issues which I may encounter having the designation changed to “adviser” on my residence. Also note that, I had the “Manager” designation for the past 5 years on my residence with the previous company.

Name withheld

Answer: Actually, the right designation is “consultant”, which is thought by everyone to be better than “manager” so we feel that you will not have any problems in Kuwait or in getting visas for the UAE.

Normally, when expatriates get this designation they are given a feeling have been promoted from manager to consultant. For your information, consultants are also exempted from some requirements while applying for a driving license.

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This news has been read 5664 times!

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