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Designation change from Project Manager to Computer Technician – Does this affect my driving license?

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I was issued the driving license for my designation as Project Manager. I was earning KD 600. Now I have resigned from my previous company and will be joining the new company soon. New company is giving me my designation as Computer Technician. Does this affect my license? My salary now is KD 650 in the new designation.

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Answer: As Project Manager if you procured your license on the basis that you were university degree holder, had stayed in Kuwait for not less than two years since your first entry and last but not the least earned a monthly salary of KD 600 or more, then your new designation with the new company will not affect your driving license. On the other hand if you received an exemption from meeting any of the above requirements then you might lose your driving license but the good news is that if you now meet all the requirements you could reapply for a new driving license.

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