Desert cafés seen as seasonal gift that can improve tourism

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Diversity of projects a vital part of providing job opportunities

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 11: The diversity of projects that serve the tourism and entertainment side in Kuwait is a vital and important part of providing many job opportunities for individuals and youths on the one hand, and advancing economic development by attracting tourists on the other hand, reports Al- Qabas daily. The “cafes”, which are held in the desert, are among the successful new youth projects that have witnessed a remarkable turnout in recent times, which requires their development and financial and legislative support.

This phenomenon is usually of a Bedouin nature and attractive designs, which makes it an enjoyable experience for citizens and profitable small projects for its young founders, whose success is expected to continue and increase in demand over the coming years. The founder of the Deserto project, Fahd Al-Otaibi, explained that the idea of his project stems from the desire for renewal in the entertainment field for families in general and young people in particular, so we went to “the Desert” to establish a café with a new concept and shape, pointing out that the exploitation of land in the winter season is not limited to only the traditional camps.

It can also be used to create seasonal tourism that attracts tourists from various foreign Arab countries, especially since the idea of establishing cafes in the desert has been very popular in several Gulf countries, such as Saudi Arabia, the Emirates and Bahrain, and has succeeded in attracting many tourists. He said, “One of the biggest challenges facing the owners of this type of project is the lack of permits that serve the types of these cafes, because it is considered a new idea in Kuwait.”

The founder of Palma Café, Turki Al-Bassam, explained that one of the most important factors for the success of this type of new project is choosing a suitable location close to other areas, as well as choosing decorations and a distinctive design for the café to attract customers of different ages, taking into account the Arab and Bedouin character.

This is in addition to focussing on the beauty of the place and its desert nature, and ensuring the provision of high-quality services to attract customers, especially since such projects are still considered a new experience. He pointed out that there are reservations made from outside Kuwait, such as tourists from Saudi Arabia, for example, explaining that it is possible to add safari trips, horse and camel riding, motorcycles, in addition to gliders on land and other activities and events. Al-Otaibi pointed out that the number of desert cafes doubled during the current year to 8-10 cafes, compared to 3-5 cafes in 2022, expecting an increase in the number next year.

This news has been read 11566 times!

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